Friday, March 16, 2007


One of Belle's favorite past-times is testing out new surfaces in the apartment. She is an expert surface tester. Any time that a new surface is created in our apartment, Belle likes to spend some time examining it. After she is done with her examination, she gives us a verdict as to whether or not the surface is acceptable.

Sometimes Belle can get a little overzealous in her testing. Today Andrea tossed her pocketbook on the floor when she came home. The pocketbook cover fell open, thus creating a new surface on the floor. Belle jumped into action. She laid for a while on the pocketbook, horizontally aligned with the cover, as you see here. Then she spent some time laying down on it vertically. Then she rolled over on her back and stretched for a bit. That was cute.

After an hour, Belle determined that this new surface didn't quite pass her test. The softness level left a bit to be desired, and the surface area was a tad too small, not quite big enough for a kitty to get comfortable. After she gave us her verdict, I said to her, "Thanks for doing your test, but it's not like we were going to keep the pocketbook there anyway". Belle replied, "So I just wasted an hour? Thanks a lot!". After that, she was in a sour mood until dinner.

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