Saturday, March 17, 2007

Atlanta, Here I Come

Tomorrow I am leaving for Atlanta (or 'Hotlanta' as Belle likes to say). I will be gone for six days. I've never been to Atlanta, outside of the airport. Belle says she spent a summer in Atlanta once, and it was the greatest summer of her life. I suppose that is technically possible, because she was eight months old when she came to live with us and that was in January of '05, so her wherabouts during the summer of '04 are unknown. Did any of my Atlanta-based readers happen to see Belle in the summer of '04? If so, I would love to hear about it. Leave some comments, why don't you.

I offered to take Belle with me on my trip to Atlanta, and she accepted. I was surprised, because usually Belle doesn't have much nice to say about the South. Later on in the day Belle asked me if she needed to go shopping for anything special, like scuba gear or goggles. I asked her, "Why would you need scuba gear?". It turned out she thought we were going to Atlantis, not Atlanta. After I cleared things up, she decided not to go. She said, "Been there, done that. And it was the greatest summer of my life!".

I have requested that Andrea update Belle's blog during my absence. It is hard to say whether that will actually happen or not, but let it be known that such a request was indeed made. If you, dear reader, happen to notice that the posting next week is not as frequent, do not worry. I shall return.

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