Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kitty Imposter

This afternoon I was fixing myself a snack, when out of nowhere Belle appeared and gave me an earful. I said to her, "Belle, why do you meow at me so? I already gave you lunch.". Belle said that she had not received any lunch, and I must be mistaken. Then I replied, "But if I didn't give you lunch, then what kitty did I give lunch?". Belle explained that there was another kitty loose in the apartment, and that the other kitty must have eaten her lunch! "Poor Belle!", I said as I gave her some food, "you must have been starving!". "And how!", Belle replied.

I thought it was strange that I would have mistook another cat for Belle. I asked her, "What did this other cat look like?". Belle said that the other cat looked very similar to her, in fact almost identical.

When Andrea got home from work, I told her what had happened. Andrea doesn't think it's very likely that there's another kitten running around the apartment that looks just like Belle. But I said, "Well if that's the case, then who ate Belle's lunch? Me?". That was a good comeback.

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