Tuesday, March 13, 2007

International Kitty Day

Yesterday was National Kitty Day. Belle and I had a fun time, but Andrea didn't seem to enjoy it. In fact, she didn't celebrate at all.

Today, Belle woke us up even earlier than yesterday! She had to tell us that today is International Kitty Day. I thought it was strange that International Kitty Day is the day after National Kitty Day. I asked Belle, "why don't they space the holidays out more?" Belle said that cats don't have any concept of holiday spacing. And I said "apparently!". That was funny.

We asked Belle, "How is International Kitty Day celebrated?". She said that the way it's typically celebrated is that whenever kitties get hungry, they should meow and then their owners feed them immediately. I said, "That sounds an awful lot like National Kitty Day". Andrea said that there is no such cat holiday as International Kitty Day. But I tend to believe Belle, because it seems like she would know more about cat holidays than Andrea.

In any case, Andrea made me promise not to give Belle any extra food today. That would have been a hard promise to keep, if I hadn't had my fingers crossed.

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