Monday, March 12, 2007

National Kitty Day

This morning, Belle woke Andrea and I up early to tell us that today is National Kitty Day. Neither Andrea or I had ever heard of National Kitty Day before. Belle says it's one of the lesser known cat holidays.

Apparently there aren't too many traditions associated with National Kitty Day. Belle said that the way it's typically celebrated is that whenever kitties get hungry, they should meow and then their owners feed them immediately. Andrea said "That's ridiculous!", and Belle hissed at her. It was an ugly beginning to National Kitty Day.

When we were making breakfast, Belle meowed at us. I was going to give Belle a sausage but Andrea said, "there's no such thing as National Kitty Day!". Then Belle hissed at her again. But Belle had the last laugh because when Andrea went to the bathroom, I gave Belle the sausage and I said "Happy National Kitty Day!". Belle said, "Indeed!". She can get sassy sometimes.

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Dementropy said...

Is it any ocincidence that "National Kitty Day" fall on the same date as this most underrated of holidays?