Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Safety Inspection

Today is Wednesday, and that means it's safety inspection day. Once a week, Belle likes to inspect the apartment to make sure that there are no "dangerous objects near table-edges" (or DONTs, as she calls them). DONTs are any type of small object that rest near the edge of a table.

Before we had Belle, I didn't realize how serious DONTs are (in fact, I'd never heard of them!). Belle says that 90% of household accidents are caused by DONTs. It's lucky we got Belle when we did, otherwise Andrea and I would probably both be dead by now (or at least that's what Belle says). Sometimes I ask Belle what is so dangerous about DONTs, but she always just says "Don't let DONTs happen to you!" I think she heard that on a commercial or something.

Belle's inspection consists of her walking by every table-edge in the apartment. If there is any object dangerously close to a table-edge, Belle knocks it down to the floor. She says that by knocking the object down, she is "reducing the threat level". I guess Andrea's glasses were pretty threatening.

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