Thursday, May 24, 2007

Courtyards and Forgotten Birthdays

Belle chastised me this morning for not updating her blog since last Thursday, a whole week ago. I told her that since nobody reads her blog, it doesn't really matter when I update it. She did not appreciate my explanation.

Belle has been spending quite a bit of time on the walkway outside our apartment as of late, now that the weather is nice. She is a fair weather kitty, and doesn't appreciate puddles very much. Luckily for her, the walkway is mostly sheltered from the elements. She enjoys strolling from one end to the other and back again, inspecting the doors to all the apartments along the way, as well as any objects that may have been left outside, such as plants or barbecue grills. She also loves to peer out over the edge of the walkway, to the courtyard below. Sometimes there are other kitties down in the courtyard, and Belle watches them intently. One time we took Belle down to the courtyard, but she didn't enjoy being down there as much as looking down there. She did, however, very much like the elevator ride.

Andrea and I just remembered that we got Belle on approximately January 15th, 2005. And at the time we got her, she was supposedly eight months old, which would put her birthday in the vicinity of May 15th, 2004. This means that Belle turned three years old earlier this month! Andrea and I did not realize this until just yesterday, which means (gulp) we missed Belle's birthday! I can't believe that Belle didn't remind us. She must've thought we were going to throw her a surprise party or something. What a poor kitty. Now we're going to have to buy her all sorts of treats to make up for it.


Carla said...

No one reads her blog??? I've been waiting and waiting all week for the next post. Seriously, I've just been sitting in front of my computer and constantly refreshing the page. Well, maybe not quite like that but you can tell Belle that someone does in fact read her blog. And a VERY HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY.

Jeff said...

Belle wished to give you this message, Carla:

"Dearest Carla - I want to thank you from the bottom of my little kitty heart for your kind birthday wishes. I only wish that the people I live with (who shall remain nameless) were so considerate. Unfortunately they didn't even remember it was my birthday until a week after the fact. How awful they must feel. And then, to add insult to injury, they go and claim that no one reads my blog. I knew it was just an excuse they made up so that they wouldn't feel bad about their laziness. Thankfully you have proven them wrong. And so, Carla, I hereby extend to you a personal invitation to the Lansingburgh Memorial Day Parade, where I will be driving my go-kart. I certainly hope you will be able to attend, as you have always been my favorite Aunt. Love, Belle."

How come she's never that sweet around us?

MADA said...

I too was very offended that your blogger said no one reads this blog. I check it weekly, if not daily. You know how busy we state workers are.
Anyway, Belle, I hope you had a very happy third birthday even though no one celebrated it with you on that day.